Digital Arts Degrees

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A bachelor's degree in digital media arts is designed to provide students with the basic knowledge necessary to pursue careers in the creation of digital images for a variety of innovative industries and mediums. Graduates are skilled in working with computers and technology to construct images and models for use in film, TV, advertising and video games. Some schools blend this advanced design instruction with courses that teach a basic knowledge of peripheral but important subjects, including history, language and communication.

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Digital arts degrees offer graduates an exciting, creative and potentially diversified career. Graduates could find themselves in a number of lucrative industries, including Web design, motion film production, commercial product development and marketing.

Digital Arts Training

Those pursuing a bachelor of digital arts degree are typically required to satisfy requirements including 128 total credits. Fifty of these are core credits, another 48 are general education credits and about 30 represent desired concentration credits. Courses typically include introductions to design and color, introductions to computer graphics and technology, animation, photography and even video editing.

Some digital arts production schools, online and not, will also offer rudimentary instruction in business strategies and techniques, to help diversify a graduate's skill set. A digital arts program may also stress subjects based in the arts, including geometry, North American and European history, film studies and basic grammar and composition.

Careers in Digital Arts Production

Careers in digital creative arts can take many shapes and forms. For instance, graduates who take an especially keen interest in video game design may pursue a specialization in animation, learning to create two- and three-dimensional models and images. Often, a digital arts college will offer courses and degrees exclusively designed for a future in the video game industry. Those interested in this career path should seek out a video game design school.

Digital arts degree graduates can sometimes use a specialization in animation and design to pursue careers in the motion film industry. Animated films are extremely profitable and lucrative projects, and an education offering instruction in drawing, painting, illustration and computer design mechanics is a good first step towards getting there.

The salary of a digital graphic designer varies widely and will depend on one's level of education and experience. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, graduates can expect to earn a salary of about $23,000 to $65,000 each year after completing their training.