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If you know your way around a computer and love playing video games, then why not try your hand at making them? The video game industry is a multi-billion dollar business that grows every year. Today, budgets for major release games are higher than they are for most motion pictures. Video games are no longer just for kids – as gamers get older and wiser, the demand for all kinds of different titles, from shooters to puzzle games to racing simulations, is only going to grow. And as the demand for games and higher production values in them intensifies, the need for talented video game designers shoots higher and higher.

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What Do I Need to Be a Game Designer?

If you're interested in video game design degrees, then you'll need to ask yourself a few important questions:

  • First, how much do you like video games? Since you'll be spending most of your time thinking like a gamer and pursuing the development of levels and characters, it's important you can identify with players and the kind of experience they're after.
  • Second, are you competent with a computer? Game companies will need people who are willing to learn complicated programs not used every day. If opening your e-mails every morning is a chore, maybe this career isn't right for you.
  • Finally, companies will also look for candidates with good problem-solving skills, since game designers and developers are always searching for bugs and other errors to make sure a game is in tip-top shape before it ships to the open market.

If you've already attended a web design school, graphic design school or animation school, you'll be an attractive candidate for most video game design schools.

Getting an Education in Video Game Design

The best way to get your start in the video game design industry is to attend a video game design school with courses specifically designed with that kind of career in mind. The best video game design colleges will introduce students to a wide variety of tools, helping make each graduate qualified for a wide variety of game jobs.

Look for a school that boasts video game design classes teaching 3-D animation programs, but also emphasizes a skill set including classical 2-D animation, art design and layout, lighting development, character design and modeling. If time is an issue, there are online video game design schools tailored to helping people start a video game design career in as little time as possible.