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If you love to surf the Net, chat online with friends or even shop on the World Wide Web, then a degree in Web design might be right for you. Web design, simply put, is the building of websites, a process that includes the collection of electronic files residing on a Web server in order to present content in a stylized, attractive and interactive way. Web designers are responsible for creating the site's interface and basic navigation, and with a quality education that includes an emphasis on artistic design, they are often also responsible for manufacturing a site's basic "feel" through colors and artwork.

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The best Web design schools will introduce students to the basic tools, software and programming languages associated with Web design. Training towards a Web design degree includes courses in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop and more.

Hyper Text Markup Language

Hyper text markup language, or HTML, is the textual structure that comprises a website. Web design schools will begin here, teaching students how to navigate the language (including "tags"), W3C standards, Web forms and the ever-important search engine optimization (or SEO).


CSS is critical a critical tool for Web designers. Those trained in its use can effectively implement graphics they've designed into the basic structure of a site. A good Web design school will show students how to create a tableless website using CSS to separate Web page structure from style. This will introduce students to alternatives to inline images and table layouts.


JavaScript is key in creating the most interactive (and thus, most enjoyable to visit) websites. Both offline and online Web design courses show students how to use JavaScript and the iQuery framework to implement interactive Web applications, including the ability to upload videos, create voting applications and even shopping carts, the latter allowing site owners to offer a commercial experience right on the page.


If you're going to create beautiful and unique Web pages, then you've got to be able to create beautiful and unique Web designs. While an online Web design school will show students how to use CSS in order to implement their designs, they should also provide advanced training in Photoshop so that graduates can create their own graphics, too. A graphic design school can also offer this kind of education.