Information Technology Degrees

Get your IT degree for a rewarding new career

The key to a great career in information technology (IT) is to attend a great information technology school and take only the best information technology courses. But how do you know where to start? Here are some of the important options available for prospective students of an information technology institute, starting with the kinds of IT degrees available.

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Associate's Degree in IT

The first possibility for those interested in information technology degrees is to pursue an associate's degree in information technology and computer science. Simply put, this is perhaps the best way for a person fascinated with computers and the computer industry to take their first step into that world. Those who earn an associate's degree in IT/CS can do so in just two years (often with the option of expanding to a bachelor's degree by adding an additional two years) and earn between $40,000 and $60,000 a year after taking their first full-time position.

If you're interested in becoming a support technician, network administrator, computer repair technician or programmer, then an associate degree might just be the best first step for you. Specialized computer networking training and computer programming training is often available.

Bachelor's Degree in IT

If you're shooting for something just a bit higher than the entry-level positions offered with an associate's degree, a four-year bachelor's in IT can open new doorways and higher pay (often $60,000 to $80,000). New jobs available to those owning these bachelor's degrees include software engineering, computer animation and supervisory roles.

Master's Degree in IT

So you've got your bachelor's degree in IT but now you want even more opportunities and an even higher salary? Then the next step is to investigate a master's degree in information technology and computer science. Courses often include intensive studies involving programming, software engineering, database design and even computer architecture.

Those with a master's in IT and/or CS are most qualified for management positions that could include system management, computer software management and database administration. Although it's not guaranteed by any means, those who graduate with a master's in IT can see up to 50 percent employment growth in some sectors, with rewarding information technology careers that pay between $70,000 and $125,000 per year.