Computer Engineering Degrees

Get prepared for a career in computer engineering

Those owning computer engineering degrees are responsible for knowing basic engineering skills, but also a wide knowledge of how software is designed and implemented in computer networks. This combination of skills is still considerably rare yet very much in-demand, which currently makes computer engineering a most lucrative career.

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Computer Engineers Are Versatile Professionals

So what does a computer engineer do, exactly? A computer engineer is hybrid engineering professional who blends the training of both electrical engineering and computer science.

Graduates of computer engineering courses boast a skill set that includes several elements of computer design, including the engineering of individual parts to the design of networks, to the implementation of software components within a network. Like those boast computer networking training, computer engineers are often considered versatile professionals who can serve a variety of purposes within an IT department. This is one part of their incredible value to a company and the wider computer industry.

This versatility means a computer engineer with a moderate to high skill set would be able to find work in several different industries. Careers in computer engineering include positions in telecommunications, transportation, manufacturing, product development and banking.

Computer Engineers are Security Experts

A graduate of a computer engineering technology school is capable of not only implementing software, designing hardware and constructing a network, they're also able to secure all of the above. In this day and age, computer and network security is of the utmost concern to companies, and the key to opening new doors as a prospective computer engineer is to undertake computer engineering classes that will help one understand how to protect the intellectual and financial property of businesses.

One of the most critical tasks of those involved in computer engineering careers is to not only create new software but to educate others within a company on how to use that technology. For instance, sometimes computer engineers are required to construct customized software for a particular company within a particular industry – meaning it isn't exactly the same kind of software one might use to play a video game on their home computer. An important function of such a process is for the computer engineer to provide service, support and education so that once that software is released, it provides the company with uninterrupted quality and maximizes productivity.