Computer Networking Training

Become a computer network engineer

Many companies need a network administrator – they are responsible for updating and maintaining a firm's hardware and software, making them one of the most important cogs in a company's productivity machine. Without adequate computer networking training and guidance, a computer network administrator will struggle to meet the tasks before them.

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Responsibilities of a Network Administrator

A network administrator is responsible for the deployment, configuration, maintenance and security of a network and the equipment involved in its infrastructure. The network administrator is often the highest level of technical network staff employed at a private company or organization, but is often aided by professionals specializing in security, computer repair and software, each owning either computer engineering degrees or software engineering degrees.

Although smaller companies may use the network administrator to design and deploy new networking systems, most medium-to-large companies will hire a network engineer for this purpose alone.

The tasks of a network administrator are always changing and vary widely depending on the company and industry within which one is hired. Often, their tasks include assigning network addresses, routing protocols and configuring routing tables. They may also be responsible for the configuration and authorization of directory services, as well as maintaining security systems that will keep breaches to a minimum and prevent loss of intellectual and financial property.

A computer network engineer, often referred to as a "network specialist" has a more specialized role. They're often responsible for network design and security, and are regularly called upon to troubleshoot new problems with the network. A key part of the network specialist's job is making sure the network never interrupts productivity, and that includes backing up network systems to make sure nothing is lost in the rare case of a network crash.

Computer Networking Education

In order to learn computer networking, a prospective student needs to weigh their options when considering computer networking schools. Important questions to ask oneself before enrolling in a computer networking course are "How long can I dedicate to an education?" and "How much money do I need to earn each year to support myself and my family?" The answers to these questions will determine whether one pursues associate, bachelor's or master's degrees in information technology and computer science.