Web Development Training

Get a career in web design and development

Web development is a tricky term. It can mean a variety of professions and only broadly refers to activities involving the development of a website for display on the Internet. Since the development process includes design, construction, testing, implementation and maintenance, Web development can refer to any number of different specializations, including website design, content writing, webmaster and software engineer.

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However, when most Web-based professionals hear the words Web development, they think primarily of the non-design aspects of building a website, including writing markup and coding. Those involved in this process could be performing simple to very complex tasks, producing pages that are simply a single page full of plain text or a complicated Internet homepage that acts as a hub for several other features and applications.

Web Development Education

If creating Web design and development sounds like a great career to you, then the best way to get there is to get the right education. Many Web developers own computer science degrees, either at the associate's level (which will take two years to complete), the bachelor's level (four years) or the master's level (one to two additional years after the completion of a bachelor's degree).

The most important reason to get Web development training is to learn those programs used in the industry, including WebDev, Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Studio or NetBeans. Those interested in Web design specifically may want to look closer at a specialized Web design school.

The Life of a Web Development Professional

The day-to-day life of a website development professional in this industry can vary widely depending on the size of the company and its goals. A small company may hire just one Web developer, sometimes known as a webmaster, to act as a permanent or contract technician responsible for maintaining and administering a Web development program.

However, larger corporations and government organizations will hire Web development teams, which may include several people of different specializations. Those with software engineering degrees or computer engineering degrees may be used by a large company for more specific roles, while the webmaster at a small- or medium-sized firm is often expected to have a basic knowledge of several different specializations.

In this way, working for a large corporation or organization means a Web developer needs to be able to work within a collaborative team and boast good people skills. The best Web development schools will provide students with Web development courses and Web development classes featuring cooperative projects involving two or more students, forcing participants to work together in order to achieve the best marks and awards.