Multimedia Degrees

Get your degree for a career in multimedia design

Are you fascinated by movies, television and video games? Do you take more interest in the production of music videos than the music itself? Do you attend silly movies just to watch the computer generated graphics in motion? Then it's time you pursue a career – and first, an education – that moves with you.

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Multimedia degrees, sometimes referred to as digital arts and design programs, introduce students to basic graphic design fundamentals, and from there they focus on a student's progression into new and more advanced fields. These include video broadcasts, Web-based graphic design and video production, print-media design and development and more.

Starting a Career in Multimedia Design

Today, the realm of computing has melded with the entertainment industry to produce entirely new media experiences. As such, it's important that people interested in a career in technology design pursue an education that combines various digital communications skills to open as many doors as possible toward starting a career in multimedia.

Without a doubt, if you can't choose between video production, video game design, Web design, or music production schools, then maybe it's time you looked into an education that could prepare you for a career in any of the above industries.

Thus, multimedia degrees can turn a student into a technological jack of all trades. The best multimedia production school strives to educate students in a variety of different media disciplines, including 3-D modeling and animation, digital photography and filmmaking, Web design and development, and special effects and compositing. If you find that you're interested in more than one of these fields, and would prefer a working knowledge of each to a specialization in just one, then instead of attending a Web design school or animation school, it might be in your best interest to pursue multimedia production.

Getting a Multimedia Degree Online

An online multimedia degree is often obtainable in less than two years – in fact, some offer a full degree in just 21 months. Once students have finished their a multimedia design degree, they're qualified for a variety of exciting careers in multimedia design, including motion graphics artist, broadcast designer, 2-D or 3-D graphics animation artist, multimedia artist, video editor, Web designer, visual effects editor, storyboard artist, flash developer and even video game designer.